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The Inspiring Musical Journey of Franco Passarelli and His Queen Tribute Band: La Reina  

Since childhood, he has always felt a deep passion for singing. During his teenage years, Franco Passarelli was part of several bands, and in college, he continued to explore his love for music. However, his musical career truly took off when he moved to the Dominican Republic. He began playing in restaurants and bars in the Bávaro area, usually in a duo format, with him on guitar and Pablo Gorris on the cajón. Additionally, they toured numerous hotels, offering their music to both tourists and locals.

The true transformation of his career came when someone suggested he do a tribute to Queen, a band he had always deeply admired. After months of hard preparation and rehearsals, they began performing in hotels and later in bars. Their Queen tribute, “La Reina,” quickly gained popularity, and since then they haven’t stopped working. This opportunity has allowed them to leave the country to take their show to other places, including several cities in Mexico and also an unforgettable trip to Switzerland.

He considers himself fortunate to be able to turn his passion into a profession that not only provides economic sustenance but also fills him with emotional satisfaction. Every performance is an opportunity to connect with the audience and pay homage to one of the most iconic bands of all time.

Nowadays, along with his team, Pablo Gorris, Niger Grey, and Rubén Cruz, he leads his Queen tribute band, “La Reina,” offering their performances in numerous hotels. Additionally, they rent out sound equipment and are involved in several new projects that are in development. This constant evolution of their activities not only diversifies their offerings but also allows them to grow and adapt in the competitive world of entertainment and music.

What started as a small and ambitious idea has turned into a thriving and exciting musical career. His life has taken the necessary path to grow as a musician and professional in the entertainment industry. The dedication and love for what he does have brought him to where he is today, and he continues to work to improve and expand his horizons. He is excited about what the future holds, with new projects and opportunities to continue bringing his music to different audiences and sharing the magic of Queen with the world.

In summary, his musical journey is a testament to how passion and perseverance can transform a hobby into a successful and rewarding career. From humble beginnings in restaurants and bars to international performances, each step has been an enriching experience that has shaped his path in the music industry. With every note played and every song performed, he continues to pursue his dream of making music that inspires and delights people everywhere.

©Photos: “La Reina” – ©Video: Mauricio Mundaray

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