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Not the right attitude? This job is not for you!

Not the right attitude? This job is not for you!

In this video, Osman Gonzalez, Director of AEI for the Eastern Zone, explains to Manuel Ventura from Social Media Talk the fundamentals of the “Association of Real Estate Agents and Companies,” its values, processes, and commitments to making this profession a career of the future, with an even more promising future for all those who engage with their clients daily. He provides essential keys such as training and regulation.

Since October 24, 1989, when the Asociación de Empresas Inmobiliarias (AEI) was established, a light has shone in the vast ocean of the real estate sector. AEI is not just an organization; it is a beacon that guides its members with values of dignity, honor, and professionalism.

In a world where competition can become fierce and ethics sometimes blurred, AEI stands firm. The Code of Ethics and Statutes of AEI are not mere documents; they are the soul of the association, imbued with principles that seek to guarantee justice and equity in every transaction, in every relationship, in every step.

The Dance of Objectives

AEI pursues an ideal of collaboration and harmony. Its vision is clear: to create an environment where real estate companies can flourish, not at each other’s expense, but alongside one another. Thus, AEI’s objectives intertwine in a synchronized dance:

1. Cooperation and Joint Ventures: Promoting collaboration among its members, creating a strong and cohesive business fabric.

2. Fair Competition: Avoiding unfair competition, using its conciliatory power to maintain market integrity.

3. Continuous Update: Spreading knowledge and offering continuous training through courses, workshops, and seminars, keeping its members at the forefront of the sector.

4. Uniformity and Standards: Seeking uniformity in processes and documents, facilitating clearer and more efficient operations.

5. Unconditional Support: Providing assistance and professional guidance, protecting and promoting the legitimate interests of its members.

A Mosaic of Memberships

With the wisdom that only time can grant, AEI has defined three categories of membership, each with its own place in this harmonious mosaic:

– Principal Members: Brokers, agents, and companies that comply with the statutes, the beating heart of the association.
– Allied Members: Entities that, although not the core, are intrinsically linked to the sector.
– Honorary Members: Individuals and entities recognized for their distinguished contribution, a tribute to effort and excellence.

Mission and Vision: A Shared Horizon

In its essence, AEI is a non-profit legal entity that brings together the majority of the country’s real estate companies. Beyond numbers and structures, AEI’s mission is to serve as a bridge, intermediary, and facilitator, creating fair relationships and avoiding unfair competition. AEI’s vision drives the association to forge a regulated environment where every broker and real estate agent can operate with confidence and respect.

Values that Define AEI

Equity, justice, and integrity are not just words for AEI; they are the pillars upon which every action is built. In every interaction, in every decision, AEI’s commitment to professionalism and excellence is reflected. AEI takes pride in working side by side with its associates, sharing not only business but also a profound respect for the dignity of individuals and the agreements established.

A Bright Future

With every step, with every action, AEI seeks to weave a future where the real estate sector shines with its own light. A future where ethics, cooperation, and continuous development are the standards that guide all professionals in the sector. Thus, AEI extends an invitation: join the association and be part of this journey towards a tomorrow where success is not just a goal, but a shared reality.


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