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The Passionate Commitment of Carlos Fuente for the Saint Regis Cap Cana.

The construction of the new Saint Regis Cap Cana Resort is a monumental endeavor, brought to life through the collaboration of key players, each contributing their unique expertise to create an unparalleled luxury destination. Among these partners is a man whose passionate commitment has added a special touch to this prestigious establishment: the creation of an exclusive cigar lounge.

Carlos Fuente, one of the most internationally recognized personalities in the world of tobacco and Chairman of Arturo Fuente, recently visited The St. Regis Cap Cana, a five-star complex which will be opening at the end of 2024. Listen to his passionate interview in the company of Mr. Dino Campagna, President of The St. Regis Cap Cana.

His participation to the creation of the complex allows him to share his passion for premium cigars and the art of living, adding a distinctive element to the overall guest experience.

Carlos Fuente’s enthusiasm is palpable when he talks about his involvement with St. Regis Cap Cana. “No place I have visited in my long life around the world have I seen something so beautiful, the decor, the warmth, the feelings, the experience of all those who will be at the service of those who come, to offer all visitors something they will take with them for life. It is a very special place, I have never witnessed a place like this anywhere in the world,” he stated, underscoring the unparalleled nature of this location.

The cigar lounge at St. Regis Cap Cana will be a haven for cigar aficionados, designed to provide an extraordinary sensory journey. Every detail, from the sumptuous leather chairs to the carefully curated selection of cigars, is crafted to foster an ambiance of sophistication and tranquility. “My cigars will not taste better anywhere else in the world,” declared Carlos Fuente after touring the project, expressing his immense excitement for the forthcoming collaboration with the Saint Regis Cap Cana.

Carlos Fuente exemplifies the passionate dedication and pursuit of excellence that characterize the St. Regis Cap Cana project. His cigar lounge is set to be one of the highlights of this luxury hotel, offering guests a unique and unforgettable experience. His involvement showcases how the combination of diverse talents can create a truly extraordinary destination.


A video from the Saint Regis Cap Cana.

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