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Thank you for completing the contact form to become a Contributor to our CITY MAG DR magazine.

You are right, to help the community, it is essential to publish and share your ideas, your experience, your expertise, at your own pace.

So, how it works?

To create your profile, it’s very simple:
Send us an email to the following address: contact@citymagdr.com
Mention the subject of the email: Become a contributor

1 – The name that must appear on your profile (this can be the real one, a nickname, your company’s name only if you are the owner….)

2- Your whatsapp phone (to be publish or not publish in your profile – Tell us)

3- Your website if you have one
4- The profile photo you want to present to the community (or your logo)
5- The photo that will brighten up the background of your profile (what characterizes you the most)
6- Confirm the email address to which we will connect your contact
7- Tell us more about yourself: what themes you like, the type of post you like to publish, the pace at which you would like to publish, what profession you pursue (this will remain between us and you) or type of business.
And that’s all!

Then the CITY MAG DR team will create your profile as soon as possible.
Once created, we will send you an email with the link to your profile on CITY MAG DR. We can modify it if you want of course.

We invite you to carefully read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page.


THEN to PUBLISH it’s very simple:

1- You send us by email to: contact@citymagdr.com
2- Mention in subject: Your profile name + Publish a post
3- You attach your article (word format), photos (compressed), video (compressed or youtube links) …in short everything you want to appear in your user profile.
4- Upon receipt, we will be happy to take note of your information and verify its conformity with the Conditions of use of the service.
5- We will publish them as soon as possible!

There you have it, you will share your experiences and expertise.
Thanks again.